Healing Paws remedial dog massage therapy

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first appointment
(85 mins) Includes initial consultation, physical assessments, movement evaluation, 55 mins treatment and after care advice

follow up appointment
(50 mins)
Includes assessment, 40 mins treatment and
after care advice


Courses are a great way of giving your dog the treatment it needs whilst keeping the cost down. For most conditions a minimum of 4 treatments is recommended or if your dog is having massages purely for pleasure, this is a great way of saving money.

Prices are as follows:

course of 4 treatments
Includes first appointment and three follow up appointments

course of 6 treatments
Includes first appointment and five follow up appointments

special offers

recommend a friend:

Healing Paws appreciates its clients' loyalty and feels it's important to give something back. Because of this, if you recommend a friend to Healing Paws, your friend will receive a 25% discount on their initial first appointment and, as a "thank you", you will also receive 25% off your next appointment booked with us.




download our printable price list here Healing Paws price list

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