Healing Paws remedial dog massage therapy


At Healing Paws we feel that it is important that we do everything we can to make sure your pet is feeling its best and is in the safest hands. Because of this we ask you to help us follow the 1966 Animal Welfare Act by gaining permission from your vet and getting the knowledge of any existing or previous medical conditions that we might need to consider when treating your pet.

Please download and print the below form and take to your local vet to complete and sign. This form needs to be given to your Healing Paws therapist on your dog's first session.

Alternatively please contact Healing Paws directly for a form to be sent to your home address.

If you or your vet have any questions regarding the form or the services Healing Paws provide please don't hesitate to contact us, when we will be more than happy to help.

download our printable
veterinary consent form here
Veterinary consent form





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