Healing Paws renedial dog massage therapy

  what is canine remedial massage & rehabilitation

Canine remedial massage is the manipulation of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. The therapy also aids the joints and bones in the dog's body and can improve range of movement in these areas.

As therapists we have a strong understanding of the muscular and skeletal systems in the dog's body, how these work and what they should feel like when they are functioning normally. This knowledge allows us to assess your dog and discover if they are feeling any discomfort, and then to manipulate the muscles and joints through massage and stretching to help ease any pain they might be experiencing and let your dog move more freely.

Canine Remedial Massage can also help with post-operative rehabilitation. After surgery involving muscles, bones and joints it is important to strengthen the problem area to prevent further injury and excessive strain, which could result in another problem, due to the dog over compensating for this injury. Healing Paws also tailor exercise programmes to help with rehabilitation from surgery and this, combined with massage, will significantly improve the speed at which your dog recovers.

canine remedial massage

Healing Paws tailor exercise programmes to help with rehabilitation


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